Sustainable Energy for Everyone

Client Bliq / Solar Clarity
My Roles Product Vision UI & UX Design App Design Design Lead
Type & Year App Design 2018
Collabs Lama Lama Chimp


Save up, join the movement. App design, brand identity and product vision for a new player on the Dutch energy market.

What do you do if a client wants to expand their product portfolio by adding a new energy venture to the market? Providing them with the right tools to succeed. We helped articulate the vision on how to create a modern energy brand called Bliq, a new green provider that revolves around an app focused on smart consumption. We focused on the mission of simplifying rather than complicating the world of solar panels and energy consumption.The current market is set around large players with their own hardware and measurement tools and can make the topic quite overwhelming for those who want to make an effort, but are not experts. That’s where the Bliq app comes in, a carefully crafted smart energy app that you can connect to your smart home and solar panels. All your energy insights are now just one easy swipe away, giving the user full flexibility and control of their data. Because green energy is good, but saving energy is even better.

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