Unleashing the Runner's Spirit with Nike's on-site Scavenger Hunt

Client Nike
Type & Year Campaign Digital Mobile Experience 2023
Collaboration Feels Like (Agency) Christian Lowell (Creative Direction) Oleksii Pylypenko (Development) Christian MacMillan (Development) Bel Lepikson (Strategy) Oskar Engman (Copy) Nafeesa Arshad (Project Management & Production) Rodrigo Alberini (Project Management & Production) Nike Athlete Camp by Sunst Studio Visual Identity & Campaign by BCMH Photographs and videos are the property of Nike, Inc.
Roles Art Direction Digital Design

Meet the Nike Trail Challenge

A Digital Adventure with Nike: Conquer Chamonix with a Online Quest for Runners

Every year Chamonix, France serves as the dramatic backdrop for the Ultimate Trail Mont-Blanc (UTMB) – an event that stands as a testament to human endurance and the allure of nature's grandeur. It's a gathering of the world's finest athletes, a confluence of determination and passion. Nike, a renowned brand famous for its unwavering support for athletes at all levels, entrusted us with the task of crafting a dynamic campaign tailored to add to the excitement and serve as a catalyst for inspiration. The challenge was clear: ignite the spirits of those who tread the Chamonix grounds, channel their passion, and infuse every step with the essence of Nike's brand philosophy. The whole experience had to go hand in hand with the release of the Nike Ultrafly Running shoe and its distinctive branding.

We created a digital scavenger hunt, designed to inspire people on the ground to get moving and explore the beauty of Chamonix for a chance to win an exclusive prize. Runners scanned QR codes found at the Nike chalets and, armed with coordinates as their guiding compass, embarked on a journey to various locations, unlocking a set of questions to advance to the next stage of their trail adventure — bringing them one step closer to the grand prize.

The Ultrafly had a special presence in the Nike Athlete Camp that was build around the characterful Chalets. The beautiful and outspoken branding around this cutting-edge footwear had to play a central role in our playfulness activation. We embarked on a mission to create an experience that would resonate with athletes, elevate their journeys, and echo the heartbeat of Nike's athletic ethos: celebrate movement.

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