A Digital Travel Experience like no Other

Client KLM Airlines
My Roles Art Direction Lead Design UI & UX Design
Type & Year Digital Experience Platform 2020
Collabs Born05 Photogaphy & video by Born05

About this project

Binding and inspiring millions of travelers worldwide with iFly Magazine. Embark on a journey of inspiration.

For many years, iFly Magazine has been the go to place for discovering your next travel destination. It provides new reasons to travel for customers while serving as a perfect customer retention tool in between flights for KLM Airlines. With an overwhelming amount of visual content, lively blog stories and specified tips of your destination of choice, it is not difficult to fully immerse yourself into other worlds. iFly creates new emotional connections without pushing for sales and offers.After many successful years, it was time to do a complete platform overhaul with a radical focus on simplicity. The platform had grown immensely over time and became bloated and hard to navigate for the user. Therefore, we wanted to totally rethink the interactive magazine and come up with new ways of user interaction and customer loyalty, all while keeping the rich content at the center stage. The result was a completely renewed way of navigating and experiencing abundant travel content, based on deep user research. We created a design system for content editors so that they had the highest form of flexibility to work with. Combined with custom colour palettes, an editorial look and feel and deep integration of mixed media, it truly became a platform that left visitors in awe.

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