Unparalleled Digital Wanderlust: Embark on a Virtual Journey

Client KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Roles Art Direction Digital Design
Type & Year Digital Experience Platform 2020
Collaboration Born05

Meet iFly Magazine

Binding and inspiring millions of travelers worldwide with iFly Magazine. Unleashing a journey of inspiration.

Get inspired for your next trip with iFly Magazine as it takes you on a journey to the world's most unique destinations. This digital platform showcases captivating stories and stunning visuals, immersing you in remarkable places. Explore diverse cultures, cuisines, and hidden gems through iFly's engaging content. iFly Magazine has long been the go-to source for discovering your next travel destination, offering fresh reasons to travel and serving as a valuable tool for customer retention for KLM Airlines. With a wealth of visual content, lively blog stories, and destination-specific tips, you can fully immerse yourself in different worlds. To enhance the user experience, the platform underwent a complete platform overhaul, focusing on simplicity and storytelling. The platform had grown significantly and had become bloated and difficult to navigate. Our goal was to reimagine the interactive magazine, introducing new ways of user interaction and fostering customer loyalty, while still prioritising rich content.

Through extensive user research, we developed a design system that provided content editors with maximum flexibility. The incorporation of subtle custom color palettes, an editorial look and feel, and seamless integration of mixed media resulted in a platform that leaves visitors in awe.

Update: Unfortunately, iFly Magazine ceased to exist after the impact of Covid-19. Meaning that the platform, once a go-to source for discovering unique destinations and fostering customer loyalty, is no longer available.